• almond boneless chicken waffle
  • belgina waffle balsamic strawberries
  • cherry bbq pulled pork, appleslaw
  • pepper beef lomo saltado
  • white chocolate cheese cake, carrot cake

Alma Kitchen

About us

The name alma comes from the Spanish word meaning soul.

Food is the universal language. The inspiration for our dishes comes straight from the soul.

Alma’s Kitchen was born from a blend of our cultures. Inspired by our founders' respective heritages and their experiences growing up in the Detroit area, Alma is a unique and delicious ode to diversity. We believe in embracing culture and traditions while still looking forward. We offer a space that is welcoming to all generations of all backgrounds to share a plate.

Dine on a dish that shares our story, and yours.

Each dish at Alma’s nods to our heritage, but invites a fresh taste inspired by the flavors of Metro Detroit. Ingredients are locally sourced to bring a depth of flavor served with a spirit of adventure. It’s a story we can’t wait to share with you.

We invite you to join us for a new dining experience, celebrating diversity in Metro Detroit.