About Alma Kitchen

The name Alma comes from the Spanish word meaning soul.

Food is everyone’s universal language. Ours comes from straight from the soul.

Alma’s Kitchen was born from a blend of our cultures. Alicia’s Mexican heritage and Gary’s Chinese heritage combined with growing up and living in the Detroit area helped us create a unique and delicious way to celebrate diversity. We believe in embracing culture and traditions while still looking forward. We offer a space that is welcoming to all generations of all backgrounds to share a plate together.


Dine on a dish that shares our story, and yours.

Each dish at Alma’s nods to our heritage, but invites a fresh taste inspired from the flavors of Detroit. All ingredients are locally sourced to bring a depth of flavor served with a spirit of adventure. It’s a story we can’t wait to share with you.

We invite you to join us for a new dining experience, celebrating diversity in Detroit.

— Best, Gary & Alicia